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Alternatives to the TPLO Surgery

There are few worse feelings than being told that your pet needs surgery, or they are not going to walk properly again. That is not what you wanted to hear when you went into the vet’s office. And we can understand why you are feeling a little bit scared and overwhelmed. You want to do what you can to help your dog, but you have some concerns. The first concern a lot of people have about the dog knee brace is the expense. Unless you have good pet insurance, you are looking at a few thousand dollars on this surgery.

Now we can understand why money is not an objection for many. But not everyone is so lucky. If you are feeling as though you will not have a chance to pay for this surgery, you will be worried. But you will have other worries too. Even if you do pay for the surgery, the fact is that TPLO is not always successful. There is a long record of circumstances where the pet is not fully recovered and they start activity, and they reinjure the area. And there is also some concern about how long it takes for them to recover, and whether they are going to be in good health a few years after the surgery.

tplo surgery

These are all factors that you are going to be thinking about. That is why we want you to know all the facts before you are moving forward. You must have a full idea about what is ahead of you if you are going to get this right. And that is what we want you to do. We want you to make a fully informed decision that is the best one for your pet. That is when you will feel happy about what you have done.

One of the alternatives that has gained a lot of traction is the brace for the ACL and CCL injuries. This brace can help you immensely if you have a dog with this injury. The idea is that you are going to combine the brace with some physical therapy, and that is going to have a better impact on the dog as compared to the surgery. We would encourage that you talk with a vet that you trust about the option for the brace.