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7 Budget Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Office

You are stuck in your office all day. Why not make it a space that you actually enjoy hanging out in? Here are just a few ways you could spruce up your office that won’t break your budget.

1.    Wall Art

Whether it’s a funky quote or cool pop culture reference, companies like Ikonick have got you covered. You can get a Marilyn Monroe face or a saying that will inspire you to work harder. Whatever the image, you’ll be able to find something to fit into your aesthetic.

2.    Bring in the Outdoors

Plants are a great way to liven up your workspace. It could be a small desk cactus, or a potted plant in the corner. Either way, you’ll be reaping the benefits of cleaner air as well as something nice to look at.

3.    Switch Out Your Mug


You know you’re always going to have coffee on your desk. Throw away your boring, plain mug and bring in something with a little more personality. You can have your kids make you one. Or get something to match your Ikonick artwork. Swap it out every few weeks to keep things fresh.

4.    Fun Pens

You don’t have to get the kind of pen that has a flower or character at the top of it, unless that’s something you think you’d get enjoyment from. But there are all sorts of colorful pens out there to add a little personality to your desk. Try getting ones wrapped with super heroes, or something that has your favorite movie quote on it.

5.    Colorful Paperclips

And push pins, staples, and magnets. This is an easy and cheap way to bring your personality into your office. Everyone will know whose desk that stack of paperwork came from. It can become your signature.

6.    Color-Code Your Calendar

Why settle for a boring, plain calendar when you can add your own decorations to it? If you aren’t crafty, head down to the mall and buy a calendar with puppies on it. Use your new colored pens to create your own code for your calendar. Pink can be for meetings, red dinners, etcetera.

7.    Bring In the Pictures

Put pictures of your loved ones on your desk. Seeing their faces will remind you why you’re working in the first place. Nothing will motivate you more.